RF Coordination 


Digital & Analog Comms

Audio Network Engineer

Audio System's Tech

Live Sound Design from concept to application. Audio Design and Consulting for your Show, Tour or Permanent Installations in your Theater, Convention Center, Concert Hall or Arena.


Proficient with many audio speaker systems and consoles both analog and digital,  setup and operation for your FOH or Monitor Engineering needs. I carry Waves  plugins for any Voice Over or Multitracking needs.


Coordination of all RF for your show including, wireless microphones, wireless intercom, IFB’s and IEM’s. Providing spectrum analyzers and coordination software.


Extensive experience in all operating systems including Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows. This includes the many popular audio applications that run on each of these operating systems. eg. Smaart, Speaker System & Design Software for many Manufacturers, Waves Soundgrid, Sound Forge, Logic, Pro-Tools, etc.. I also have experience on AutoCAD and Vectorworks for design.


Setup and Operation of 4-wire and 2-wire ClearCom, RTS, Riedel Com, Telex, Eclipse, FreeSpeak, HME, Adams Systems in remote TV Trucks/Studio and Corporate Applications.

Experience with Corporate, Rock & Roll, Theatrical, Remote TV Trucks and Music Festivals as FOH, Monitor Engineer, A2 or Comms.


Able to run large and small crews, coordinating setup, operations and strike of events.

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